MetaBeep is a monitoring tool for discerning algorithmic traders. It alerts you when your Virtual Private Server (VPS), Expert Advisor (EA) or MetaTrader (MT) platform is down. It also alerts you of your broker’s uptime and downtime, ensuring that your EA is always trading to its full potential. This tool is particularly useful for grid traders as well as scalpers to ensure their EAs are always running in an optimum environment with peace of mind.

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  1. Open orders summary
  2. Sortable monitoring panels
  3. Handy Forex ticker provided by
  4. Customizable external links to ease account management
  5. MT chart snapshots and EA comments in one place
  6. MT account balance/equity quick view
  7. MT account open orders summary
  8. Up to 20 charts per account
  9. Private dashboard shareable link
  1. Alerts from all monitors
  2. Command to retrieve monitoring status
  3. Command to retrieve MT account balance/equity status
  4. Command to retrieve MT chart snapshot
  5. Command to retrieve MT account order summary
  1. Optional to replace Telegram alerts
  2. Optional as backup to Telegram alerts
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